Designer Profile: Obakki

Sewn in Vancouver, Obakki Clothing tells a conceptual story through out every collection. Obakki’s Founder and Creative Director, Treana Peake, decided that she wanted to create a clothing line for women that was effortless and organic. Using high quality fabrics she still is able to keep a reasonable price point and quietly and confidently manufacture clothing for the masses. She draws upon her travels and passion to create honest designs. She is humble at heart and and believes that everyone has something to offer the world.

Not only does Peake run her own successful clothing company, she is also an involved philanthropist. Over 15 years she has traveled and lived in Africa, working in their environments, learning and experiencing their way of life to figure out how to improve it. She focuses her efforts on education and clean water projects and recently launched the Obakki Foundation Collection. This is a collection of screen printed items such as tees and scarves and 100% of the proceeds go to the foundation. As a supporter, you get to choose where your donation goes to and they make it a point to create projects that are quick but yield large results. On a global scale the Obakki Foundation has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cause and continues to work hard at trying to make a difference.

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